California Foreign LLC Registration

Ready to expand your business into California? You’ll need to register a foreign LLC first.

To complete your California foreign LLC registration:

  • Appoint a California registered agent
  • Get a Certificate of Good Standing (also known as a Certificate of Status or Existence) from your home state
  • Submit the Application to Register a Foreign LLC (Form LLC-5) with the Secretary of State (include your Certificate of Good Standing)
  • File your Initial Statement of Information
  • Pay the California Franchise Tax


We won’t beat around the bush—it’s a tedious and time-consuming process. If you want to skip the paperwork, our local registered agents can help take care of everything. We register California companies every day right here in our Sacramento office building, ensuring you get quick, secure, and comprehensive business services.

Register a Foreign LLC Now

California Foreign LLC Qualification for Just $149

Because we own our building in Midtown Sacramento outright, we can help you register your out-of-state LLC (a process known as “foreign qualification”) while providing unrivaled value. For $149 plus state filing fees, we cover all your bases for registering a foreign LLC in California:

  • One year of California Registered Agent Service
  • The California Application to Register a Foreign LLC, filled out and filed on your behalf
  • A Certificate of Good Standing from your home state
  • A custom domain name, secure website, business email and local phone service
  • A California business address to list on filings
  • Annual compliance reminders for biennial reports
  • Secure client account to store official documents
  • A free library of expert-drafted business documents

As a truly local registered agent service with a permanent building address, we give you the stability, security, and the infrastructure to grow your business in California—all for an affordable low price.

Launch Your Foreign LLC Today

California Business Presence for
Your Out-of-State Business

One of the most important steps to starting a new company is setting up an online business presence. When it comes time to register a foreign LLC, this can get especially tricky and leave you jugging multiple registrars, vendors, and accounts.

Not with us. We can give you everything you need under one roof. When you hire us to register your foreign LLC, you can add our California Business Presence package and get a unique domain name, secure business website, email addresses linked to your domain, and local phone service. The best part? You can get started for FREE and get a 20% when you keep all the services.



Business Domain

Make it easy for your customers to find your business by registering a unique business domain name!

Your business domain (also called your web address or URL) is your real estate on the internet. It serves as the address for anyone to find your business on online search engines.

When you hire us to register your domain, you get a FREE domain name for the first year (up to $25 value). After that, you can renew your domain name for a low annual fee based on the market value of your domain (typically $25).


Business Website

Establish your online business presence with a custom website!

Our web-hosting service includes a website that you can customize with the content and visuals that best represent your brand. If your domain name is your real estate on the web, your website is the virtual building for your business. There’s no coding experience required to get started, and our web support team can help you really fine-tune your site for your company.

Our web-hosting service is FREE for 90 days and just $9 a month after that.

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Business SSL

Protect yourself and your customers with SSL security that signals trustworthiness.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and is basically an encryption protocol that makes website browsing and online sales secure for you and your audience. Without SSL, your customers will typically be confronted by a warning that your site is not secure. Needless to say this isn’t the first impression business owners want for their customers.

Get SSL security FREE for 90 days and just $9 a month after that.

paper airplane

Business Email

Stand out as a legit professional business with email addresses linked directly to your domain name.

If your company’s domain name is “,” you can set up your email address as “[email protected].”

Create 10 domain-linked email addresses FREE for 90 days and just $9 a month after that.


Business Phone Number and Service

Set up a phone line and maintain work-life balance with our Virtual Phone Service.

Our VoIP phone service allows you to choose a number with any available California area code. With an internet connection, it’s easy to access through your computer or cell phone. You can also download our free iOS or Android apps so that you can access your business phone line on your current mobile device.

Our CA phone service is FREE for 90 days and just $9 a month after that.

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Ongoing Customer Support

We know this stuff can get pretty technical. Don’t worry—our team of specialists will call you to make sure everything’s set up for your business needs.

We can even help you transfer an existing domain for your foreign LLC or we can walk you through adding on a new domain that’s more location-specific for your California business.

Whatever you need, our customer support team is ready to support you throughout.

Hire Local Registered Agents for Your California Business Needs

We get it—some people are just born DIYers. But all foreign LLCs must appoint a California registered agent. Hire us to be your California registered agent ($49/year) and you’ll also get access to a secure online account. In your account, you’ll find the correct form to register your foreign LLC and instructions to help you fill it out quickly and correctly.

If at any point you think you’d rather have us handle the paperwork for you, you can select the option to “Register a Company” inside your client account. Click that, and you’ll be on your way!

Or you can hire us to register your foreign LLC right now and we’ll take care of everything, including requesting a Certificate of Good Standing from your home state.

Register Foreign LLC Now

California Foreign Registration FAQs

What is a foreign LLC?

In this case, “foreign” simply means “out-of-state,” not international. A foreign LLC is an LLC that was initially formed in another state but has registered with the California Secretary of State to do business in California. The process of registering a foreign LLC in California is also referred to as foreign qualification and applying for a California Certificate of Authority.

Does a foreign LLC need a California registered agent?

Yes. Any LLC doing business in California will need a California registered agent. The registered agent must have a physical street address in the state of California and keep regular business hours. For $49/year, we’ll be your registered agent. As soon as you receive legal mail, we’ll scan it and upload it to your secure account.

Will I need a Certificate of Good Standing?

Yes. To register your foreign LLC, you’ll need a Certificate or Letter of Good Standing from your home state. This is just a document stating that your LLC is up-to-date on all fees and filing requirements in your home state. If you’re not current on your home state’s requirements, you’ll need to catch up and make sure your LLC is in good standing at home before you can register in California.

How do I get a Certificate of Good Standing?

It depends. Every state has a different process for requesting a Certificate of Good Standing. In some states, you can obtain a Certificate of Good Standing online immediately. Other states require paper requests and have longer wait times. Some states are free while others require a filing fee.

At California Registered Agents, we’re familiar with the process in every state for requesting a Certificate of Good Standing. Hire us for foreign qualification and we’ll request one for you.

Does a foreign LLC have to pay the California Franchise Tax?

Yes. It doesn’t matter where your LLC is headquartered—you’ll have to pay the California Franchise Tax of $800 if you want to do business in California. It’s just the cost of doing business in the Golden State.

What is the California foreign LLC registration fee?

The current cost for California foreign LLC registration is $70.