California Physical Mail Forwarding

California physical mail forwarding is a private, secure way to collect mail at a California address, and then have it sent to you—unopened.

Letters, bills, statements, and other documents go to your unique suite number at our California address. We scan the envelopes to let you know what’s coming and ship your mail each week. Simple, private, secure.

Why Choose Physical Mail Forwarding?

Looking for more mail privacy, a California address, or just an easy way to track and receive your physical mail? We have you covered. With our California physical mail forwarding service, you:

  • Get a California business address with a unique suite number you can use for your website, business cards, and more.
  • See when we receive mail (and who it’s from) in your client account.
  • Receive convenient bundles of your physical mail—without all the junk.
  • Ensure your mail content is for your eyes only.

While it’s true that most of our clients today opt for our California virtual mail open-and-scan service, it’s not true that we’ve forgotten the clients that got us here. If you don’t want anyone opening your mail but you, we are happy to provide our traditional physical mail forwarding service.

How Physical Mail Forwarding Works

Our California physical mail forwarding service is a straightforward mail solution we designed to make your life easier. As soon as we receive mail addressed to your unique suite number, we:

  • Sort out and shred any junk.
  • Scan the outside of your mail envelopes.
  • Upload the scans to your account.

Each Friday, we bundle your mail and send it to the US address of your choice.

Physical Mail Forwarding Options

On the order form, you’ll be given a choice between physical mail and open-and-scan. Simply choose physical mail, select your package, and you’re in.


$9.99 per month

10 envelopes per month


$29 per month

30 envelopes per month


$59 per month

Unlimited envelopes per month

California Physical Mail Forwarding FAQs

Can I get physical mail with California Virtual Office?

Yes! Our California Virtual Office lets you choose between virtual or physical mail forwarding.

With unlimited mail forwarding, a unique suite number at our California address, a California lease, and phone service, our virtual office package is our most comprehensive office solution. Get more for less when you sign up for our virtual office service—all for just $59 a month.

Does California physical mail forwarding include packages?

No, we do not currently accept packages.