Phone Service

Our phone service lets you choose a virtual phone number with an area code from anywhere in the country. It comes with unlimited calls, texts, voicemails, and call forwarding for $9 per month.

Think of it as a second phone, except you don’t need to buy a second phone. In fact, you won’t need any hardware or software—not even an app.

How Our Phone Service Works

Virtual phone service uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. As a VoIP provider, we can provide customers with real phone numbers at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone services. And it’s not just for your phone. You can access your virtual phone from any internet browser. All you’ll need is an internet connection.

  • Protect Your Privacy. Our virtual phone system lets you use your personal phone for business without exposing your personal phone number to the world.
  • Go Where You Want. Do you run a business in California but live in Florida? Keep that your business. Choose the area code you need, regardless of where you’re logging the hours.
  • Be Available When You Want, Not When You Don’t. Out of the office but still working? Forward your incoming business calls to your cell phone with a single click.Taking time for yourself? Pause the forward feature and sink your toes in the sand. Your calls will still go to voicemail, and your texts will still be waiting for you.
  • Add Another Line Whenever You Want. As business scales up, you can easily add a 2nd or 3rd phone line from within your client account. Each phone line is just $9 a month, and you can choose a phone number in any state.
  • Customize. You choose how your outgoing calls appear on customer caller IDs. Want your name to appear? Your business’s name? No problem.

How to Use Our Phone Service

Our phone service is simple. Access your virtual phone from any phone or device that has a browser and strong internet connection.

  • Log into your account. This is the same account you’ll use to access all your registered agent and business formation services.
  • Click on the “Phones” tab. You’ll be presented with an intuitive interface, much like you’d see on any other smart phone.
  • Customize your phone line. Add contacts, and make and receive unlimited phone calls and texts, all from your business phone number.

How to Order Phone Service

You can add phone service:

  • at the time of checkout for registered agent service
  • at the time of checkout for business formation service
  • as a stand-alone service
  • by ordering our Virtual Office suite—Phone Service is included!

Phone Service FAQs

Is Phone Service only for business?

No. There are lots of personal reasons to use this service—from privacy protection to needing a dedicated number to give your employer. You aren’t required to have a business.

Is a contract required?

No! Service is month-to-month. Cancel anytime.

Can I use this service with my phone’s data plan?

Yes. Though you may be subject to your wireless carrier’s data charges, as long as your internet connection is good, you will be able to text and talk on your virtual phone.