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California Virtual Office

Our California Virtual Office service is an easy and affordable way to maintain an office in the state of California, no matter where you are. Get a unique office suite in our building, complete phone service package, and unlimited scanned mail—and save with our virtual office bundle.

Bundle and Save with California Virtual Office

Virtual Mail
Phone Service Virtual Office
Open-and-Scan Mail Service X   X
Click-to-Request Physical Forwards X   X
Sacramento Business Address X   X
Phone Number in Chosen State   X X
Unlimited Calls and Texts   X X
Type to Text   X X
Personal Voice Mail   X X
Sacramento Office Lease   X
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But what if you don’t need an office lease? Or only need a handful of mail forwarding scans a month? Or maybe just need a phone number? No problem.

While you can bundle and save, you can also simply select the services your business needs.

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Why California Virtual Office?

Complete one easy form and you’ll be ready to use your new California business address and phone number, today. Our services are:

  • Immediate – We scan your mail the same day we receive it.
  • Secure – We don’t contract out services to other companies—and we strive to do or build everything in house, from systems to servers.
  • Private – Our competition sells your data, but we never will (just look at our privacy policy).
  • Personal – Did a piece of junk mail get through the gates? (It happens.) Need a special exception made? You can call and speak with a person in the mail room and we’ll do everything we can to help.
  • Customizable – Get all the services in one virtual office package or pick and choose only the ones you want.

Ready to go? Order now. Or, read on for more details.

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California Virtual Office in Depth

Here’s what you’ll get from our virtual office:

  • A Unique Business Address With a Legal Lease:
    Having a unique suite number at our California business address means you and your business are free—free to grow, free to move, free to work out of your home in privacy for the life of your business. And in the event you need tangible proof, we provide you with an office lease for your suite number.
  • California Phone Number and Phone Service:
    Our California phone service is a full service phone package that includes a local phone number, unlimited calls and texts, call forwarding to a US number, voice mail transcription, customizable greeting, and type-to-text (send and respond to text messages from your laptop or desktop).
  • Unlimited Scanned Mail:
    We shred the junk mail, but the rest we discreetly open, scan, and upload to your account the same day we receive it—all of it. That means you can use your unique address for all of your business accounts, on your business cards, your website, and your marketing materials. Prefer your mail in hand? Just select our unlimited physical mail forwarding and we’ll collect your mail and send it to you weekly.
  • 25 Physical Forwards of Your Choice:
    Have our open-and-scan service? What if a piece of mail comes in and a scan won’t do? When you want it in hand, we’ll send it forward to you. It’s just a click away.
  • The Best Service in the Industry:
    Our customer service reps are ready and happy to help. That’s because they know what they’re talking about. In your account you’ll find a host of pre-filled state forms–everything from compliance forms to foreign registration forms for every state in the union. Along with these forms, you’ll find a host of educational material, and as always, if you get stuck or have questions, a human is a phone call away.
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How We Protect You AND Your Mail

From the moment your mail enters our facility to the moment it is scanned and uploaded to your account, it is treated with two things in mind: your security and your privacy.

  • We will never sell your data (our competition does). We own every step of the process, including the buildings where we sort your mail. Because we don’t contract out any of our services, we can ensure your mail is safe and that every employee who handles your mail has been vetted.
  • We make sure our company is a great place to work because doing so means we get to hire the people we want, make sure they pass background checks and control the process.
  • Our competition contracts out the processing of your mail and sells your data. Just read our privacy policy and then read theirs. See for yourself.
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California Virtual Office FAQs

Can a virtual office help me keep a foothold in California?

You’ve come to the right place. Covid has really shaken up the west. With remote work opportunities and the desire to be closer to family, lots of people are on the move. With California Virtual Office, you can live anywhere in the US while maintaining a California address, phone number and more.

Can I use this lease with my bank?

The lease we provide is a legal lease in the state of California. It is a month-to-month lease (we don’t want to fence you in). It shows charges for utilities, too, which is very helpful.

How does California Virtual Office mail forwarding work?

When your mail enters our facility it is hand processed and sorted based on your unique suite number. Junk mail is separated and shredded. The rest is discreetly opened and scanned (front and back). From there, your mail is automatically uploaded to your personal account, which you can access on your browser.

Keep the digital copy of your mail, print at home, or request the original be forwarded to you. If no physical copy is needed, we store the physical copy of your mail for 60 days before shredding.

How do you identify junk mail?

Junk mail doesn’t come with a junk label. It is often designed to look like an important document. Our mail processors are experts at telling the difference. They almost always get it right, but occasionally a piece of junk makes it through. Don’t worry though, if this happens, let us know, and we’ll remove it from your account.

Why can’t I just use the free registered agent business address for everything?

When you hire us to form a business or to serve as your registered agent, we help secure your privacy by using our address wherever possible on public state forms. But this free address is not unique and shouldn’t be use for general business purposes. Our virtual office service and all our paid virtual mail services do come with a unique address that can be used wherever you do business.