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California Business Address

These days, California business owners can work just about anywhere. From food trucks to co-working spaces, many entrepreneurs are logging their hours outside of a traditional office or storefront. And yet, when you start a business in California, you’ll have to provide a business address on your filing.

If you’re stumped on what business address to list on your California articles of organization or incorporation, you’re not alone. But we came up with a solution.

Hire us, and we’ll give you our California business to list on your filings when you form a California LLC or incorporate in California. This fulfills the California business address requirement and helps you keep your home address off the public record. Keeping your home address private will spare you from mountains of junk mail and — we sure hope not — unexpected visitors.

Our address is a nice commercial building (not a residential property or home) right here in Sacramento, CA. Here’s our guide to figuring out which address to use as your California business address, whether or not you decide to hire us.

California Business Address FAQ

What are the requirements for a CA business address?

The California business address requirements are pretty straightforward. Your business address must be:

  • a physical street address (no PO boxes allowed)
  • somewhere in California

That’s it! It doesn’t have to be a commercial building or even if the place where you actually work. If you hire us to form your business or to serve as your California registered agent, we’ll provide you with a business address at no additional cost.

Can you use your home address for your business address?

You can use your home address as your California business address. Probably. First, check your local zoning regulations and HOA rules to make sure there aren’t any rules that keep you from running a business out of your home.

But we all know that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

All of the information listed on your articles of organization or formation will become part of the public record. The moment the California Secretary of State processes your filing and officially forms your business, all of that information will be posted on their website. That will include your home address, if you’ve listed it.

Sacrificing a bit of privacy might seem like an acceptable trade-off to save money, especially when you’re just starting out. But once something is on the internet, it’s hard to take it back. Besides the unsettling prospect of unwelcome guests, you’ll also have to contend with mountains of junk mail – probably for years, even if you dissolve your business or move.

With that in mind, we think $39 a year is a pretty good deal for keeping your home address private.

What are the benefits of using your business address?

Keeping your home address private is a major upside to using our CA business address. But there’s also your company’s record to think about. If you need to move, you’ll have to update the California Secretary of State on your new address. That means if someone – a potential client, customer, or investor – looks up your business on the CA Secretary of State’s website, they’ll see a history of different addresses. For some people, that can be a red flag.

If you hire us, it doesn’t matter if you move. Your business address will remain constant, which can help you build a reputation as a business people can depend on.

How do I change my business address in California?

To change your California business address, you’ll need to file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State. If you hire us, you’ll only have to file the Statement of Information during your regular filing time, even if you move.

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