About Us

Hi. We’re California Registered Agent Inc.

We’re a California registered agent and business formation service located in Sacramento, CA. We serve as California registered agents for thousands of businesses across the state, and we form LLCs and corporations day in and day out.

But you already knew the what.
Let us tell you the why.

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We’re passionate about small businesses.

We may not be out climbing El Capitan, but we like a little adrenaline.

Even after all this time, we get a thrill from watching our clients go from “aspiring business owner” to “entrepreneur.” It’s exhilarating. We remember what it feels like to take that first step towards starting a business in California. There’s the maze of regulations, the confusing (and seemingly endless) paperwork, and that persistent sense of uncertainty. It’s not unlike being a rock climber facing a gargantuan wall of stone. Where do you start?

Well, think of us as your belayer. Or that friend who knows where all the secret holds are. Or your carabiner? Okay, we’ll admit that maybe we don’t understand rock climbing enough to land this analogy. What we’re trying to say is this: starting a business in California sometimes feels impossible, but for us, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a small business owner reach the summit.

We get California (and its bureaucracy).

California does things a little differently than the rest of the country. That holds true for business formation, too. There are plenty of anomalies that can be confusing to a newbie, like the California Franchise Tax or the Initial Statement of Information. You could hire some big national company headquartered out on the East Coast, but why? You’re starting a business in California—hire Californians.

Sure, some of us are transplants, but we work and play up here in Sacramento, CA, just a few blocks from the California Secretary of State’s office. We know our way around California’s filing fees, processing times, and state statutes like we know our way to Shasta Lake. In other words, you can trust us to get you through the woods.

We can help you keep costs down.

We know that lurking in the back of every small business owner’s mind is one nagging question: can I afford this?

Keeping costs down is paramount, especially when you’re starting out. Starting a business is a delicate time, and every dime should go towards building something that will last. We remember that pressure from when we were a brand new business, back in the day.

That’s why we offer the absolute lowest price we can. No, it’s not the rock-bottom registered agent price you’ll find out there on the wild west of the internet, but we think $49 per year is pretty fair for a high-quality, professional California registered agent.

Built into our price is a commitment never to sell your personal data. Most of our competitors have to sell your information to third party marketers in order to maintain those low, low prices. In fact, they may even make more money off your information than they do from charging a registered agent fee. Maybe it makes us a bit old fashioned, but we think some things are sacred and should remain private (like your home address!).

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