California Virtual Mail

California virtual mail transforms the contents of your snail mail into fully interactive PDFs you can manage from anywhere. Here’s what it offers:

  • Same Day Open-and-Scan. Our virtual mail is an “open-and-scan” service meaning you’ll have access to the full contents of your mail the day we receive it.
  • You Choose How You Get Your Mail. From one online account, you can read your mail, print it, or order the original physical document with a single click.
  • Unique California Business Address. All paid virtual mail options include a unique business address you can use for all your regular business needs.

Multiple Options Available

*Free Standard Deluxe Virtual Office
Up to 10 scans per year 10 more scans 25 more scans Unlimited scans
Use of our business address on public forms Unique suite number Unique suite number Unique suite number
No check forwarding Check forwarding Check forwarding Check forwarding
$49/yr $99/yr $19/mo
*Included with registered agent service

Simplify Your Office

Use one account to manage your registered agent services, virtual mail services, and your business compliance services. For even more services, check out our Virtual Office and Phone Services.

Unique Business Address

At the heart of our paid virtual mail service is the unique business address that it comes with.

  • Because we own an office in Sacramento, we are legally able to issue unique suite numbers from it.
  • Think of it as the most affordable way to get a unique physical address in a professional area of downtown Sacramento. Operate a business in California but reside in Ohio? Keep that your business.
  • Equally good for business or personal use, the business address we provide with paid virtual mail services is yours to use how you want. Use your new business address on your website, letterhead, as your primary business address—it’s yours!

Free California Virtual Mail

We offer a free version of our California virtual mail services to all our registered agent clients. This version does not come with a unique business address, but it will cover you when someone sends us mail intended for you by mistake. We’ll scan and upload to your account up to 10 documents per year.

Your Mail, How You Want It

This service is digital, but it’s also personal. We open and scan your mail. But if you get a check, credit card, a document with an original signature, or anything else you might want the original physical copy of, we gladly forward it on to you. We can even handle special requests. Checks to one address and other special requests to another? We can do that.

How Our Virtual Mail Service Works

  1. It all starts by choosing the best virtual mail option for you: Standard, Deluxe, or Virtual Office.
  2. Sign up is quick (just one form).
  3. Once you’ve completed sign up, you’ll receive an email with your unique suite number in our building (usually same day).
  4. We receive your mail in our secure facility and sort it based on your unique suite number.
  5. Your mail is opened by our trained mail staff and the entire contents are scanned and uploaded to your account.
  6. From your account, you view the full contents of your mail and then save it, delete it, or request the original be mailed to you. You can even email or call the office to make a special request.
  7. Any time a document is uploaded to your account, you’ll receive an email notification. If you want the original copy of the document, simply click the icon next to the document marked “order physical copy.” Your account will be charged a handling fee plus postage, and your mail will be forwarded.

It’s your mail how you want it.

California Virtual Mail FAQs

Can California virtual mail provide a legal California lease?

Our virtual mail service does not come with an office lease, but our California virtual office service does!

Does California Registered Agent Inc offer phone service?

You bet. Get a phone number with a California area code and unlimited talk and text with our contract-free VoIP phone service. Just $9 a month.

Do I need to be a business to use these services?

No! Whether you’re looking for extra privacy or mail on the go, individuals use California virtual mail services for all kinds of reasons other than business.

Do you forward checks?

Don’t think that just because you are signing up for an open and scan mail service, that you have to figure out something else to do with your checks. We’ll gladly send them on.