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California Virtual Mail Service

California virtual mail means never missing important mail again, no matter where you are—hiring California Registered Agents Inc means having the power to choose the option that’s perfect for your needs and your budget.

Our options include free mail forwarding, which comes as a basic perk of our California registered agent service. We also offer several paid California virtual mail packages, which provide a unique California mailing address. The unique address offered with our paid virtual mail services is yours to use as your own.

Read on to discover how our California virtual mail service works, and pick the option that works best for you!

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What is California Virtual Mail?

California virtual mail allows you to have your mail sent to a unique California business address where it is opened, scanned, and uploaded to a secure account you can view from anywhere—same day!

Running a business from home? By foregoing a downtown office location, you save thousands of dollars, but you confront loss of privacy, stability, and credibility. California virtual mail allows you to keep your privacy, gives your business a stable location no matter where you go, and gives your customers a professional address with which to locate you.

Or maybe you don’t have a business, you just consider your privacy as a core value (we sure do). If you’re like us in this way, California virtual mail is great for you, too.

The trick is finding a California virtual mail service with enough options to fit your mail coverage needs. That’s where we come in.

California Virtual Mail Benefits

When it comes to protecting your privacy, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep control of your own privacy, by using one of our California virtual mail options instead of your own address. We’ve created multiple California virtual mail options for our clients. Here are the big-picture perks that come with our packages:

  • Online access to all your mail the day we receive it.

  • A California mailing address with a unique suite number at our commercial location (Standard, Deluxe and Unlimited packages).

  • A professional business location from which to market your business.

  • Our total dedication to your privacy. We will never sell your information.

Now, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the California virtual mail packages we provide.

California Virtual Mail Options

No one wants to pay for more than they’ll use, so pick the California virtual mail option that’s perfect for your needs.

1. Free California Virtual Mail + California Business Address

Free is always the right price. You get Free California virtual mail automatically when you hire us to be your California registered agent or form your business in California. With this package you’ll automatically get to use our California business address instead of yours on your formation paperwork, and you’ll also get five free mail scans each year.

You won’t get a unique suite number with this package, and it isn’t for your regular business mail, but it’s a thoughtful perk in case an important piece of your mail makes it to us instead of you.

2. Standard Virtual Mail + Unique California Mailing Address

This is an affordable way to obtain a unique suite address in a professional building. You can use it on business cards, letter head, and most any other public forum. That alone is worth the price of admission, though you’ll get 20 mail scans as well.

  • $9.99 per month

  • Unique mailing address

  • Secure client account

  • 10 mail scans per month

3. Deluxe Virtual Mail + Unique California Mailing Address

Our Deluxe virtual Mail option gives you the same unique address as the Starter package, but it bumps up the number of mail scans to 40 per year—doubling the number of mail scans without doubling the price. (Do you smell a good deal? We do.) This package is perfect for businesses that expect to receive more regular business mail than the Starter package would cover, but still not quite enough to justify the unlimited mail scans provided by our Premium package.

  • $29 per month

  • Unique mailing address

  • Secure client account

  • 30 mail scans per month

4. Unlimited Virtual Mail + Unique California Mailing Address

This is the total package. Not only do you get a unique mailing address for your regular business mail, but there is no limit to the amount of mail we’ll scan and upload to your client account. This is best for established business with a lot of contacts or businesses planning to do a lot of advertising with the address. It’s about freedom and privacy. Whether you’re working from home or plan on changing addresses in the future, this option allows you to keep your home address and business address separate, and also allows you to maintain a consistent business address no matter where you go.

  • $59 per month

  • Unique mailing address

  • Secure client account

  • Unlimited Mail Scans

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California Virtual Mail FAQs

What’s the difference between a California registered agent address and a California virtual mail address?

In most instances these addresses would be different. Most registered agents do not offer business virtual mail and virtual office services like we do, and most virtual mail services don’t also serve as registered agents.

With most California registered agents, your official state and legal documents would be mailed to one address and you’d have to figure something else out for the rest of your business mail. But, sign up for any of our paid California virtual mail services (the Starter, Premium or Deluxe packages), and you can have all of your mail sent to the same place. Easy.

What do you mean by the term, “unique mailing address”?

When you sign up for any of our paid virtual mail services, we assign you a unique suite number in our building. This number is unique to you and will never be used by anyone else again. You can use it for any legal purpose you desire: advertise with it, use it on your business cards, the sky’s the limit. It’s better than a P.O. box because it is a physical address, in a commercial building, in a professional neighborhood.

Can I use your address if I am registering as a foreign LLC or corporation?

Yes. California state statute (section 17450 for LLCs and section 2105 for corporations) requires a foreign LLC to list the address of its California registered agent, but only requires the business’s California principal executive office if one exists. That means that as a foreign LLC or corporation, you aren’t required to have a business address in California if you don’t want one.

However, if you’d also like to receive regular business mail at a California mailing address, we’re happy to oblige. Just sign up for one of our paid California virtual mail packages, and you’re good to go.

What if I need a California phone number?

We offer a robust virtual phone service that includes a local California phone number, unlimited calls and texts, call forwarding to an US number, voicemail transcription, customizable greeting, and type-to-text (which means you can send texts from your laptop or desktop). Our virtual phone service is included when you sign up for our California virtual office package, but you can also add it to other services on our website for an additional fee.

Can California virtual mail help people in the gig economy?

As a result of Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), many who desire to keep working as contractors and not employees, have formed LLCs to bolster the legal framework of their contract worker status, since forming an LLC satisfies prong C of the A-B-C test.

California virtual mail is an ideal solution for someone looking to maintain their contractor status. Maintaining a separate business address strengthens the separation between the individual and the business, while simultaneously giving you very real benefits of privacy, credibility, and stability.