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Credit Card Processing

Our credit card processing service provides a fast, secure way for your business to accept credit card payments and get a low-cost merchant account with a payment processor.

Here’s how it works:

  • We start with a free in-house phone consultation to help you decide on the right payment options.
  • Then we pair you with the right payment processor, negotiate your rates, walk you through the signup process (if you so choose), and provide ongoing customer support after that.

Our Credit Card Processing Service Includes:

  • A free credit card processing consultation
  • A free quote with customized low rates
  • Interchange-plus pricing
  • All major card brands accepted
  • Multiple payment options available (credit, debit, EBT & more!)
  • In person, mobile, and/or online payments available
  • Statement auditing by request
  • Agent support for the long haul

To get started, simply hire us to form your business or serve as your registered agent, and select the “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” option on the order form.

We’ll then reach out to you by email to let you know when to expect a call.

Already a client? Request your free consultation by logging in to your online account.

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How to Get Low-Cost Payment Processing

The secret to saving money on payment processing is to find the right person to sign you up. That’s because payment processors work with agents and other third-parties to locate and sign up merchants, and those agents make their money by marking up the processing fees you’ll pay.

  • Find the wrong agents (the ones looking to line their pockets), and you’ll pay more.
  • Find an agent that doesn’t need or want to add steep markups on your processing fees, and you’ll pay less. That’s us.

Why We Can Charge You Less

There are plenty of agents and ISO’s out there that can sign your business up to accept credit card payments. Why can we get you a better deal?

  • We can afford to. We’re a registered agent and business formation service, and we don’t have to rely on credit card processing to support our business. That means we can set your rates just high enough to cover the costs of our service and then pass real savings on to you.
  • We’re independent. Unlike many agents, we aren’t shackled to one payment processor. That means we have the leverage to reject bad deals.
  • We offer interchange-plus pricing. We’ll steer you clear of confusing, high-cost flat-rate and tiered pricing models and focus on transparent interchange-plus pricing instead. This allows you to save money when you accept card payments with lower interchange rates.

We didn’t create this service to make a killing from credit card processing (believe it or not). We benefit more when our clients can keep their costs low and maintain successful businesses year after year.

Our Credit Card Processing Service

Our credit card processing service starts with a free in-house phone consultation, but there’s far more to it than that.

Here’s how our service works from beginning to end:

  1. You talk to one of our in-house experts. This is your free credit card processing consultation. Once we get on the phone with you, we’ll learn about your business’s payment processing needs and how your business works, including your business type and sales information.
  2. You receive your free quote for approval. After we consult with your business, we’ll work up a rates package and free quote for your approval (which will appear in your secure client account). If you like what you see, we’ll take the next step. If not, we’ll get back together and discuss other options.
  3. We help you sign up with the payment processor. Once you accept your quote, we’ll help you complete and submit your application at our pre-negotiated rates and contract terms.
  4. You go through the processor’s underwriting process. At this point, the processor’s underwriting department takes over (digging into your business’s financials and credit history – stuff that isn’t our business). If they approve your application, you’re good to go. If they don’t, we’ll get back together and discuss your options.
  5. You start taking payments. Once the processor approves your application, we’ll help ensure you get the processing tools you need to start taking payments.

Even when you start accepting payments, our service doesn’t really come to an end. We’ll still be here to monitor your account, answer your questions, and serve as your voice to help keep the processor honest.

Ready to get started? Sign up for one of our paid services and request your free credit card processing consultation today!

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Credit Card Processing FAQs

Is the Credit Card Processing Consultation really free?

Yes! It doesn’t cost you a dime to get on the phone with us and discuss your business’s payment processing needs.

This is a complimentary service available when you hire us to be your California registered agent, hire us to form your California LLC, or hire us to form your California corporation.

Is California Registered Agent Inc. a payment processor?

No. Payment processors are the companies that handle the merchant’s side of the credit card payment process – connecting the merchant’s terminal to credit card networks and card issuing banks.

Our role is different. We help you get signed up with a processor and have the leverage to negotiate stellar low rates on your behalf.

Can’t I sign up directly with a payment processor?

Definitely. Most payment processors have in-house sales teams that can sign up merchants, and there are numerous other third-parties (agents and ISO’s) out there that can help businesses get signed up with a processor.

Our special value is that we don’t have to make much money from credit card processing – so we can keep your markups low.

Will I pay California Registered Agent Inc. or my payment processor?

Your merchant agreement will be with the payment processor, so you’ll pay processing fees to the processor each month, not us. The payment processor handles our compensation itself.

What processing fees will I pay?

We focus almost exclusively on interchange-plus pricing plans for our clients, which means you’ll pay wholesale costs (interchange fees and assessment fees set by the card networks) and the processor’s markups, which we partially control and can help keep low.

What is interchange-plus pricing?

Interchange-plus pricing is a pricing model that allows your overall processing costs to fluctuate when interchange fees and other wholesale costs go up or down (so, when you process a transaction that has a lower interchange fee, you’ll pay less).

Interchange-plus pricing is the most transparent pricing model available in the card payment industry, and it’s also the best way for most businesses to save money on processing fees in the long run.